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Forthcoming Auction

Commencing Tuesday 5th July 2016 at 2:30pm

AT: Auction Rooms, 46, High Street, Sliema

Viewing Dates & Times:
Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd July
9:30-12.30 & 2:30-6:00pm
Monday 4th July 9:00-6:00pm
and mornings of days of sale from 9:00-12:00


19th Century set of 4 Extra large oil paintings in gilt frames

A Scene from The Legend of The Madonna of Liesse



Late 18thC. Sicilian Majolica Albarello  44cm

Front & Back



Late 19thC. Majolica Bocca by Antonio Minghetti  32cm

Front & Back


Michele Noseda Marseille brass clock under a glass dome circa 1800

Large antique gilt mantle clock under a glass dome

 Antique mantle clock

Gilt and painted Maltese wall clock

Small antique gilt mantle clock under a glass dome

After F. Benucci  View of The Residence of se Maison

 Large antique carved wood candlestick

 Miniature mahogany hanging shelf

Pair 800 silver sweet bowls

 Silver ink well 

925 silver comport with handles having a glass liner

 F.Benucci 1817: Engraving View of Valletta from the Capuchins Convent




 Pair antique engravings

Small oil painting  Young shepherd Signed R.Milles 1906

2 sets of 4 antique cannon balls

 G.Giorgio 1938: Still Life

G.Giorgio 1940: Still Life

 Antique glazed pottery jug

18thC. oil painting in gilt frame Santa Lucia

Large pair of gilded lustre mirrors 


 18thC. oval oil painting  St. Michael

 Antique round mahogany framed wall clock

Large antique Majolica Bocca (badly damaged)

Pair Victorian red glass double row lustres with drops

Antique Satsuma temple jar with lid

Antique blue glass and brass oil lamp with crystal globe


Small pair of oils  Cats & Dogs



Large Victorian Corinthian Column brass table lamp and shade


Small pair of gilded lustre mirrors

Small pair of oval paintings in carved wood gilded frames

Pair 18thC. Italian oil paintings  Rural Scenes

Pair antique Satsuma vases 

Pair antique watercolours in carved gilt oval frames

Pair 18thC. Majolica Albarelli  (damaged) Front & Back


Pair antique cast iron 5 branch candelabras on stand

Antique cross with mother of pearl

Pair antique china vases with embossed flowers

 Early 19thC. oil painting in gilded frame  Mother & Child

Dublin Silver Armada Jug  circa 1880

19thC. Nazzerine Sch: Christ carrying the Cross

 Large 19thC. oil painting Still Life of Fruit and Flowers

A fine 18thC. oil painting in gilt frame Circle of Joris Van Son  Still Life

19thC. Birds Eye View of The City of Rhodes with Knights Galleons

Attribution G.Cali oil painting of Colonel F. Gatt in uniform

G.Giorgio: Oil painting Still Life of Fish on a Table

19thC. oil painting of Grandmaster Lascaris

Antique oil fragments of The Sacristy of St. John  by Antonaci Grech

Antique lithography by Schranz Brothers: A View of The Dockyard from Burmela

 Antique lithography by Brocktorff

Antique Lithography Schranz Brothers: A View of Marsamuscietto from Fort Tigne

Antique Lithography by Schranz Brothers: A View of The Port of The Gallies

Large 19thC. carved wood gilded luster mirror

Large mid 18thC. carved wood gilded console table



A rare find - Pair Mid 18thC.Maltese chestnut serpentine front with concave sides, side tables on high cabriole legs, with a shell motif in the centre of the apron and having marble tops



19thC.Maltese veneered in olive wood serpentine chest of drawers



18thC.Dutch bombe bureau with underlying drawers


Large Victorian oval mahogany dining table with 5 extra flaps 14feet X 5 feet

19thC. Maltese olivewood chest of 3 drawers with star motifs (small proportion)



A Fine Regency mahogany twin pedestal dining table with flap in 2 sections


Set of 12 mahogany framed chairs

Antique mahogany framed wall mirror

Set of 6 Victorian mahogany balloon back chairs

2 small antique side tables with marble tops

 Set of 6 Maltese mahogany framed chairs


 Victorian mahogany centre table (tal biscuttin ) with white marble top


Small Maltese olivewood chest of 3 drawers (adapted)


Miniature oak 2 door cabinet with drawers

Small antique mahogany corner cupboard

Antique mahogany ladies davenport


Victorian inlaid walnut bow front cabinet


Antique engraving: Accoglienza fatta dai Maltesi A ' Regi
Commissionarj D'Inchiest a.l, In Malta  26.10.186

 Edwardian mahogany curio display table

Victorian mahogany table with marble top

Victorian walnut 3 piece Bergere Suite

Victorian mahogany 2 door glass cabinet with underlying drawers

A fine antique mahogany 2 door bookcase with 2 deep underlying drawers


Late 19thC. mahogany half bolt display cabinet


Edwardian inlaid mahogany corner cabinet


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