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Next Auction commencing

Tuesday 2nd May 2023
at 2:30pm and following 2 days.

Please also use the entrance at 43, Cathedral Street, Sliema as there are roadworks from the main entrance in High Street.


Viewing Dates & Times:
Friday 28th April 9.00-5.00pm
Saturday 29th April
from 9.30-12.30 and 2.30-6.00pm
Sunday 30th April from 9.30-12.30pm and 2.30-6.00pm
Monday 1st May from 9.30-1.00pm
and mornings of days of sale
from 9.00 to noon.

AT: Auction Rooms, 46, High Street, Sliema


Maltese Silver Ewer 1723-1726 Giovanni Lampagnano

Maltese Silver Sottocoppa De Rohan Period

Silver Coffee Pot c1800

Pinto Period Maltese Silver Ink Stand

Pair Maltese Silver Wine Coolers 1750 Brun

Geo 11 Silver Coffee Pot

Maltese Silver Oil Lamp Gioacchino Lebrun 1786

Pair Silver Coffee & Milk Pots with Handles

Maltese Silver Oil Lamp by Tarecisio Cassar 1965

Maltese Silver Embossed Chamber Candlestick

Pair Maltese Silver Candelabras S. Cannataci 1818

Silver Entre Dish with Lid on Plated Stand

Maltese Silver Balsamina

Small Maltese Silver Chocolate Pot by Salvatore Naudi 1863

Maltese Silver Bodkin Case

R.Garrard Silver Kettle on Stand

Maltese Silver Coffee Pot De Rohan A.Troisi


Victorian Silver Tea & Coffee Service and Tray

Pair Maltese Silver Plates By P.Brun 1750

Maltese Silver Plaque - Visitation by Vincenzo Grech

Pair Maltese Silver Hanging Lamps 1739

Large Maltese Silver Tea Pot Antonio Lupi Oakes Period

Large 18thC. French Coffee Pot

Maltese Silver Tray Giacchino Lebrun c.1780

Maltese Silver Coffee Pot Pinto Period

Spanish Silver Embossed Round Plate

Ball Period Maltese Silver Sugar Basin

19thC. Maltese Silver Tray Orafo E.Critien

18thC. Sicilian Silver Sugar Basin


18thC. Oil The Baptism of Christ

Gregorio Preti Susanna & The Elders


Antique Oil Portrait


Antoine Camilleri Clay,Paint and Resin on wood 61X47cm


18thC. Portrait of Nicolas Cottoner


Small Oil Painting Flowers

Large Antique Oil Painting Flowers

Large 17thC. Italian Sch Oil The Scourging At The Pillar

Large 18thC. Italian Oil The Scourging At The Pillar

Willie Apap 1936 Oil on Paper Joy Micallef Eynaud

Small Oil painting Flowers


Nicholas Cammillieri Galleon Leaving Malta 1848



Early 18thC. Oil The Annunciation

Early 18thC. Oil The Card Sharps

18thC. Oil The Visit of St. Elizabeth

Antique Relic & Wax Plaques

Large 18thC. Oil The Shepherdess

Antique Silver & Gilt Ganutel Under a Glass Dome

Large Pair of Antique Porcelain Oriental Vases

Antique Oil Portrait

Pair Antique Vienna Vases

Silver Crucifix

Large Oil Painting Signed R.Pitre

Antique Maiolica Charger

Edward Caruana Dingli

Pair Antique Oil Paintings Portraits

E.Caruana Dingli Small Oil Painting Portrait

G.Vella Pastel Mother & Child

Large Pair of Victorian Oil Paintings in Gilded Frames

Vere 5th E. of Weftmorland son of Vere 4th E. of Weftmorland

Collection of Fob Watches

16thC. Maiolica Vase (Front and back)

A Rare Antique Marble Niche Madonna & Child

Antique Austrian Mantle Clock


Pair M.Gianni Watercolours Naples

Pen and Ink by T.Busuttil 1925


19thC Relic in Giltwood Frame


Antique Inlaid Walnut Oval Centre Table

2 Antique Rifles

Small 18thC. Maltese Serpentine Front Chest of Drawers

Victorian Inlaid Walnut Glass Cabinet

Set of 6 Antique Mahogany framed chairs

Small Antique mahogany Chest of Drawers with Marble Top

19thC. Maltese Olivewood Drum Table

Pair 19thC. carvedwood Gilded Corners

Early 18thC. Maltese Chest of Drawers


19thC. Italian Inlaid Chest of Drawers with a Marble Top

18thC. Maltese Bureau Veneered in Olivewood

Maltese Double Dome Bureau Bookcase

19thC. Maltese Serpentine Front Chest of Drawers Having Star Motiffs


Antique Maltese 2 Drawer Inlaid Chest

Large Victorian Mahogany Centre Table 6' Diameter

18thC. Venetian Bureau in Walnut & Olivewood

Carved Hall Coffer

Large Antique Stainedwood Coffer

Antique Mahogany Bookcase

Antique Mahogany & Oak Grandfather Clock

Antique Mahogany 2 Tier Bookcase


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